Grace Abbott

Grace Abbott


A Sister's Memories, The Life and Work of Grace Abbott, from the writings of her sister, Edith Abbott. Edited by John Sorensen, University of Chicago Press
University of Chicago Press

The Living Legacy of Grace Abbott

Our work honors the living legacy of Nebraska born-and-raised social justice pioneer, Grace Abbott. Grace Abbott was an extraordinary leader in the struggles to improve life for America’s children and immigrants. As Chief of the U.S. Children’s Bureau and as Director of the Immigrants’ Protective League, Grace Abbott is credited with saving thousands of children’s and immigrants’ lives, and improving those of millions more. She is specially remembered for this famous quote, which serves as TQC’s credo:

 “Justice for all children is the high ideal in a democracy.”
– Grace Abbott, 1934

Articles about Grace Abbott by John Sorensen:

John Sorensen’s A Sister’s Memories: The Life and Work of Grace Abbott is the winner of the 2016 Nebraska Book Award – Nonfiction for Historical Biography!